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Miray means shinning like the moon. I wish my handcrafted creations can compliment your style as subtly as the radiance of the moonlight, while you continue to shine as your own person.

All items are handcrafted by me, using polymer clay, a type of synthetic material which cures by baking. Each stem, leaf, petal and flower is hand crafted from polymer clay without using moulds. Each of my handcrafted item is the result of creation which can take hours or even days to complete. The colors and design/pattern of the clay are mixed to my desired shade before I start crafting, hence they are usually in small batches. As such, each design only comes in limited pieces. 

If you are worried about the weight of the earrings, they are actually very lightweight after baking. The most heavy is only about the size of a coin, so do not worry! I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them :)

For more behind the scenes, check out my Instagram page @miray.handicraft